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Your vehicle air conditioning should be serviced every 2 years.

Full A/C Service :
De-gas & deep system vacuum to remove all old refrigerant R134a
System pressure test
Replace old compressor oil
Recharge (regas) installation with new refrigerant R134a
Addition of the UV contrast
Cooling fan operation checking
Bad smell removal (ozone treatment)
In-car temperature checks after the service

Decontamination & Vent Cleaning :
This is most important part of each car A/C service.
This service remove mould, fungus, bacteria and other micro-organisms, grown in the air conditioning system.

Diagnostics :
Finding A/C system leaks (visual inspection)
Electronic diagnostic by connection of the state-of-the-art diagnostic tool
Nitrogen Leak detection

Please contact us for prices of the above.

Air Conditioning Service


Normal day to day driving can result in a lot of dents, scratches and chips on your alloy wheels. Driving against curbs and other minor contact damage the wheel and reduce your cars look. not repaired the damage will worsen. Our service will make your wheels look like brand new again at a cost effective rate.
Contact us today for a quote.

How do we fix alloy wheels?

We follow the best industry practices for repairing alloy wheels. Using a variety of abrasive and polish discs, the wheel is stripped down to the original alloy, removing any chips, scuffs and scratches. The wheel is then finished either highly polished or painted in any colour of your choice followed by a layer of lacquer.

Try a new colour?

As part of our service we will paint your repaired alloy wheel in any colour of your choice. We’re happy to recommend a colour that would bring a new look to your car, or we
will match the original colour exactly according to the manufacturers specifications.

Alloy Wheel Repair


We undertake quality repairs to damaged bodywork and re-paint to match existing colours or to a new colour scheme.Auto body painting and refinishing is truly an art. Properly matching the finishes found on many of today's vehicles requires special expertise in application techniques.

Our spray painters:
Use latest auto body painting techniques.
Have the keen eye of an artist.
Restore the luster and beauty of your vehicle's original finish.

We offer you:
Finest quality workmanship
Colour build primer
Highest grade paint (StandoBlue - The leading supplier to most major car manufacturers, incl: BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar & Volkswagen)

Whatever your requirements we can help
If you are looking for any work done,
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Spray Painting